, 3 Tips for kids to keep safe and social

3 Tips to keep your kids safe and social during the pandemic:

  1. Sharing food with friends is a generous act that should be reinforced. However drinking from the same bottle or eating a snack from the same baggie spreads germs fast. Use individual containers to divide up the snack before eating or into cups before drinking.

  2. Leave shoes and backpacks by the door when coming in from school. Shoes and bags pick up many germs from the floor of classrooms, school busses and bathrooms. Leaving these items by your door helps the germs from spreading around your house. It is also a good idea to Spray, wash or wipe down backpacks every day.

  3.  Eat healthy foods. Whole foods such as fruits and vegetables provide us with the nutrients we need to build up immune system and make our bodies work more effectively

Take care and keep well everyone! 

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